G Prime: Into the Rain Update v1.0.1.2

Last month we interviewed Chris Skaggs from Soma Games who gave us some insight as to what we could expect coming to G Prime: Into the Rain post launch.

“The feature we’ve seen the most requests for is a camera view that allows the player to see the level from a distance to better orient themselves in flight. We’re playing with both a camera position toggle like you see in racing games or possibly a screen-in-screen mini-map implementation. That’s the only significant “feature” that is on the immediate drawing board. Other to-do items would fall under content, like a whole bunch of additional VO for accent and commentary. And we’ll be jumping on those updates right away.” -Chris Skaggs

When the G Prime: Into the Rain v1.0.1.2 update went live, sounding officers were introduced three new camera views to help them better gauge and ping their targets; Composite Tracking, Velocity Tracking and Gravity Tracking – on top of the original one, Overwatch Tracking. You cycle through the camera views by pressing the “View” button on the Xbox One controller, that’s the “Select” button if you’re old school like me…

Below is a shot test to see the initial differences between camera views against low and high orbits. There’s no serious gameplay here, the sole purpose of the test was to observe the tracking performance of each camera without manually changing the angle of view with the analog stick.

As you can see, each camera view offers something different depending on your preference and/or situation.

My personal favorite out of the new camera views is definitely Gravity Tracking – simply because when there was only one camera available, Overwatch Tracking, I generally angled the camera to view the objects with a gravitational pull that could effect my rocket’s flight path.

My advice would be to choose the camera view that best serves you at your rockets launch – because the angle of degree that you can manually move the camera using the analog stick remains the same across all camera options.

Let us know what you thought of the new camera views and which one was your new favorite!

I briefly spoke to Chris after the update went live and he shared that the next thing on the agenda is to rework the tutorial.

It’s great to see that Soma Games is continuing to develop and evolve G Prime: Into the Rain based on player feedback – ensuring that both existing and new players receive the best possible experience that G Prime: Into the Rain has to offer.

Remember, if you like what you’ve seen but don’t own an Xbox One – you can support Soma Games and G Prime: Into the Rain by heading over to their Steam Greenlight page and give a vote to enable their release onto the Steam platform.

If you’re not sure what you’ve seen checkout our G Prime: Into the Rain review or our interview with Chris Skaggs to find out more.

If you have an Xbox One and live in the United States you’re in luck, it’s available to you right now, here.

If you don’t live in the US don’t despair, Chris also mentioned that G Prime: Into the Rain is “about half way through our PEGI certification so we ought to be live in Europe pretty soon one way or the other.”

Encouraging words for anyone within Europe looking play G Prime: Into the Rain.

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