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For those of you who don’t know me I’m pretty much a couch potato with silly string for limbs, barely bigger than a potato, no grace, and very little co-ordination. So you can imagine my wife’s horror as I left the comfort of my office chair in the 'Man Cave' and made my way downstairs, Xbox One Kinect bar in hand to try out Beatsplosion.

Beatsplosion is the latest title from Virtual Air Guitar Company who specialises in motion control experiences. They’ve previously released two other Kinect titles for the Xbox One platform which are Boom Ball and Squid Hero.

Since Virtual Air Guitar Company appears to be the current leading developer supporting Kinect I couldn’t wait to see what their latest title had to offer.

My Story

I was unsure of the connection between Jujitsu and E = mc 2 but I couldn’t have cared less, I was a white belt ninja starting my journey to realise my potential and seek out the Unified Field Theory!

The tutorial was a nice introduction to the basic game mechanics of smashing crystal-like particles and dodging to rhythmic music at a comfortable tempo. I happily plodded on, progressing through the first set of levels.

Then the time came to remove the old t-shirt and attempt a 20 minute challenge! I was ready, or so I thought… What I wasn’t prepared for was the first jumping/ducking section where I ended up assaulting my low hanging lights! Both myself and the lights quickly laughed it off and were friends once again. Halfway through I ended up having to remove the jeans too – the legs were just too damn long!

I pressed on, playing for 90 minutes straight, hoping to reach the 180bpm set of levels before it was too late at night to bang about like a fitting sweat-beast.

Unfortunately I was tight on time as well as other things… my underpants ripped during one of the jump/ducking 160bps levels which left my wife in stitches (pun intended) and me, one sad ninja, defeated, and aching. Accidentally scantily clad, I decided to turn in for the night.

The very next day I re-emerged, appropriately dressed and eager to face the coming trials head-on and the 200bps challenge which is exactly what I did and it was awesome!

Did I do well? 64% Irreverent, it so much fun. I can’t wait to progress and attempt the same challenge on expert mode of which I’ll probably have to get my “Kenshiro” on.

This is how I imagine Kenshiro from Hokuto no Ken would look from the Kinects perspective during the Insane Challenge, Expert Mode.

The Kinect projects your silhouette onto a floating platform where you wield the Power Fists, able to shatter even the most hardened subatomic particles.

To attain new belts and progress through the game you must smash a required amount of particles and complete each level within a set. Easy mode sets are comprised of three standard levels and two optional challenges – Random Patterns and 20-Minute Challenge. The hard mode sets differ by having six instead of three standard levels, increased difficulty, and a higher particle requirement to progress.

Beatsplosion also features leaderboards which adds an element of competitiveness amongst friends, family, and fellow gamers. There’s also a tracker that takes note on you game time which can be used to compare your performance against the previous week (handy for those using Beatsplosion as a daily workout).

Fans of Virtual Air Guitar Company’s previous works will not be disappointed, however the change of pace in Beatsplosion may come as a bit of a shock.

Slightly off topic but still a valid point; one thing I do like about all the Virtual Air Guitar Company games is that they share common, unified colour scheme for the title logo backdrops and in-game navigation. Whether you’re looking through your Xbox One games library or navigating through the in-game menus they’re instantly recognisable as Kinect games by Virtual Air Guitar Company. This is a plus for younger children who may have played Boom Ball or Hero Squid as the familiarity enables them to setup and play a game with ease.

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The mix of multiple elements such as music, rhythm, physics, and fitness has resulted in a fun and unique experience. Level progression is fair, introducing new game mechanics to keep you on your toes and keep things fresh as you work towards achieving your black belt.

Beatsplosion is a great addition to the Xbox One Kinect library and Virtual Air Guitar Company portfolio. It’s a phenomenal example of what can be achieved with the Kinect at the heart of the experience but sadly also highlights the lack of support from the majority of studios.

This is definitely my favorite Kinect game on the Xbox One at the moment and I would recommend it to anyone seeking a challenge, an addition to a workout routine or as an amusement with friends.

The Good

  • Hilarious game to play with friends and family.

The Bad

  • An adequate amount of space is required to flail and leap around which may not suit everyone’s setup.

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