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The PvP scene is dominated with the likes of Call of Duty, Rainbow 6 Siege and Battlefield. Intense, serious, first-person-shooters where each death feels like a failure and each killstreak a personal victory. Each decision counts, each action matters. Everything is oh so serious.

And then you have Deformers.

Fun and laughter is the name of the game.

Deformers is a PvP game and there is lots of shooting, shoving, throwing and death. But never have I found battling for my life to be such a comical matter.

As you kick off a match in Deformers you get the opportunity to chose your character and class, something which is only too familiar to anyone who has played a competitive multiplayer game. But the first point of comedy are the characters to chose from.

Give them a quick spin in the lobby and see their eyes roll

Each one is based on a ball or blob. The creators have then shaped a menagerie of animals and creatures into those ball shapes. Armadillo, shark, cow, pig, and (my personal favourite) a hamster are all available to choose from. They all look and react so well to being rolled and bounced around the maps. Give them a quick spin in the lobby and see their eyes roll around afterwards. The characters then extend beyond contemporary animals to unusual items, including a stack of pancakes, a ball of rubber bands, and beyond. Even more bizarrely are some creatures which are just out right made up for the game. It was a joy to just explore the characters and their designs.

Customisation only adds to the hilarity

Once you’ve decided on your ridiculously great character, next is your class. Each class has it’s own strengths and weaknesses as you'd expect, each varying in how good they are at set abilities. These abilities include: agility, health, shoot, ram and size. After each death you can change out your class if it’s not suiting your playing style.

Game modes for most are what you’d expect, free for all and deathmatch. However, there is one mode, Form Ball, which looks quite similar to another game, where 2 teams jump and fight to control a ball and score in each other nets. Even the arenas look familiar *cough cough* Rocket League...

Full lobbies bring the most fun and chaos

The combat in the game has a great mix of shooting and fighting. You can collect pellets from the map and launch these at your enemies to whittle down their health. The best way to defeat your enemies though is to roll up and ram them. This isn’t as easy as it sounds and there were a few moments where I plummeted to my own death after a poorly aimed ram. Throw in a few power ups and the rounds soon turn to madness and comical carnage. From the get go, once I’d got the hang of the controls, I was able to hold my own in the field of rolling, bouncing battle.

Like many games of this nature you either get a quick tutorial or a blank canvas to practice in. Unfortunately, Deformers doesn’t offer either which meant studying the controls in the options menu - a much less engaging way of showing gamers the ropes.

Some lobbies were a little empty.....

The only downside to Deformers, and it’s not an issue with the game itself, is lack of full lobbies. Unfortunately, at the time of playing, the player base for Deformers doesn’t appear to be massive and there is a lot of cases where the matches were 1v1 or 2v2. Meaning that chaos was a little less, and the games didn’t feel quite fulfilled. But this did make me appreciate the times the lobby was full that bit more.

Deformers is a PvP which doesn’t focus on the seriousness of combat, but rather the joys of battling against people in bright and fun environments. Get rid of you AK-47s and MP5s, instead grab a random avatar and start bouncing your way to victory!



Deformers moves away from the typical PvP and brings comedy and carnage to the table. Rolling around and ramming opponents is such fun that (as long as you can find a full lobby) you’ll be hooked for hours on end.

The Good

  • Light, comical nature
  • Mixed combat styles
  • Bright and colourful environments

The Bad

  • Half full lobbies
  • Lack of explanation for controls, classes and abilities

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