The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited Review

With the release of The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind (you can check out our review here), and as a huge Elder Scrolls fan, I decided it’s about time I dove into The Elder Scrolls: Tamriel Unlimited. 

As I kicked off my play-through the tale began with my character being held prisoner (hmm, feels familiar?) in a dungeon and a riot just starting. I’m one of the lucky few whose cell door is opened and I get the chance to break free. As I’m lead through the depths of the prison, I’m prompted into a tutorial which runs me through the controls, combat and exploration. Pretty standard for anyone who has played an Elder Scrolls game.

Got to love an Argonian

The first big transformation from the likes of Skyrim and Oblivion is that once you’ve chosen your character class you can set what abilities you have available. Instead of learning a new fire spell and blast away until you magicka runs out, you assign each attack/skill to a key. Once used in combat it task a little while to charge back up for use again. I’m not a big MMO player, so I would imagine that this is expected in an MMO.

As I wield my weapon, dealing blow after blow to my enemies, changing up the attack with something special made it interesting and made me swap up different attacks against different enemies. Chaining different attacks together starts to feel a little stale when you get into a good combo that works. There is a wealth of different skills you can unlock and a did have to tear myself away from my proven combo to try something new.

Fine balance of cute and creepy

As the story progresses I help rescue a man who tells me I’m the chosen one that can save everyone. Wow, I feel very special right now! Off I trot on my quests as the lone hero. Well I would be the lone hero if not for the crowd of people joining me on these quests.

I know this is what an MMO is about (before you start shouting at me), but sometimes when you’re referred to as the lone saviour and you’re not - it does take off the shine. I played more a solo adventure only teaming up with people (by chance) to take down some bigger enemies.

Really hope he's on my side.

When you reach level 10 you can join the campaigns. This is ESO’s take on all out war between three factions. With keeps and castles in the field, It’s down to you and your faction to take control of as many of these as possible to lead them to victory. I would advise waiting until you’ve levelled up some what before diving into this. I went in as soon as I could and was slaughtered, regularly! I found the best way to build up Alliance points (multiplayer currency) was completing recon missions, which meant avoiding combat.

He was a bit hot under the collar.

As an MMO the content available is mammoth in size and I’m looking forward to dive into it deeper and deeper. Unlocking new skills and strengthening my character more, I’ve already seen areas I’ll be revisiting to master.



ESO greets anyone who is familiar with an Elder Scrolls game with a great big hug. The MMO elements take a different turn for the series, with only a few frustrations. All in all ESO is a good addition to the series and with a mountain of content will keep you occupied for a long time!

The Good

  • Familiar to any fan of the series
  • Easy to pick up and delve into
  • Simple to equip and use skills and menus
  • Beautiful world of Tamriel to explore

The Bad

  • Too short re-spawn rates for some enemies
  • Being told you’re unique when you’re clearly not

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