Our Most Anticipated Indie Games of 2016 Part I

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We set out to compile a list of our top 10 most anticipated indie games coming this year. Safe to say that 2016 is looking great because we just couldn’t leave some of these titles out. So here’s part I, in no particular order.


Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, and PS4

Release Date: February 9th, 2016

Let’s start with the best. It’s 1989, you play Henry, a fellow who has taken up the lonely task of being a fire lookout in the Wyoming Wilderness. Your only friend is a woman name Delilah who is only available to you on a handheld radio. One day, you’re drawn out of your tower to explore your surroundings but you’re not alone. Seriously, that trailer is so perfectly executed and sums up everything you need to know about Firewatch.


Platforms: Windows, Mac, and Linux

Release Date: September, 2016

Inspired by classic titles such as Another World and Flashback, Wanderer is a genre mash-up. We’ve got turn-based combat, puzzles, and platforming. You play as Rook, a convict aboard an Alcatrez-like orbital prison station. After the prison crash lands on the Earth’s surface for unknown reasons, Rook is awoken from a prisoner stasis pod with fragmented memories, painful migraines and recurring hallucinations.

I fell in love with pretty much everything about the game, the low-res pixel art is gorgeous, the retro feel, the combat, and finally the narrative driven design. If you’d like to learn a little more, we wrote about Wanderer a few months a go.

No Man’s Sky

Platforms: Windows and PS4

Release Date: June, 2016

This list really wouldn’t be complete without No Man’s Sky. We’re obsessed with space, particularly with exploring it and that’s why No Man’s Sky has really tickled our nuts. I’m sure you’ve read or heard about the impossibly huge, procedurally generated universe by now – there’s a mere 18 quintillion planets to discover. Eighteen. Quintillion. Each planet is different from the last.

It’s hugely ambitious and although we have some worries about Hello Games fulfilling them – we can’t help but be overly excited about it.


Platforms: Windows, Mac, and Linux

Release Date: TBC

DARQ takes place is a zero-gravity lucid dream that Lloyd – the protagonist – just cannot wake up from. As is becoming more and more common-place in modern indie titles – the game has a tremendous art style that mixes 3d locations with hand-drawn characters. Lloyd will come up against enemies who he simply cannot defeat so stealth and planning is the order of the day. That flashlight that you’re holding on to? It’s both a lifeline and your worst enemy. Most enemies possess good eyesight which means that you’re going to have to live without it. And here comes the most interesting part, when the flashlight is off, listening becomes crucial. As the light goes off, sound is your new best friend, you’re best chance of figuring out where an enemy is and how you can avoid it.

DARQ isn’t fully backed yet, if you like the look of it – head over to Indie GoGo.


Platforms: Windows and Xbox One

Release Date: TBC

By visuals alone, Cuphead wins 2016. Inspired by 1930s cartoons, the visuals are created using the same techniques used in that era. The soundtrack as well, sounds genuinely from that era, impressive considering that it uses original jazz recordings. The game is a classic run and run action game with a heavy emphasis on boss battles. It’s real throwback, not only to those lovable cartoons but to retro videos games such as Super Mario World and Street Fighter III.

The Witness

Platforms: Windows, iOS, and PS4

Release Date: January 26th, 2016 (iOS release date to be confirmed)

The Witness is the next game from Braid creator Jonathan Blow. It’s a Myst-inspired, first-person, open-world puzzle game with over 650 puzzles. You play an unnamed character on an island with both man-made and natural formations, along with a mountain which represents the ultimate goal for the player. For the average player, those puzzles with take about 100 hours to solve, with one puzzle so hard that Jonathan Blow suggests that less than 1% of players will solve.


Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, and Xbox One

Release Date: TBC

Tacoma is very much in the vein of Fullbright’s first game, Gone Home. Whilst we don’t know too much about the game, you play as Amy Ferrier, an astronaut on an empty space station. Wondering where the crew has gone, and what else is on the station, she sets out to explore it.

What I really enjoyed about Gone Home was the story telling and if Fullbright can replicate that experience on a space station, then I think we’re in for a treat.


Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, PS4, Xbox One (timed-exclusive), and possible PS3 and Xbox 360

Release Date: TBC

In 2010, Playdead wowed us with it’s unique art style in Limbo and now they’re at it again with Inside. A spiritual sequel to Limbo, Inside shares similar gameplay and art style but there’s a little more vibrancy and depth in the environments. We don’t know much about the story but if Limbo was anything to go by, this is definitely one to get excited for.


Platforms: PS4

Release Date: TBC

Developed by Tequila Works, Rime is a PS4 exclusive open-world, puzzle game. Rime reminds us of games like Ico and Journey and just like Journey, the story is told through the environment and audio but lacks a spoken narrative. The story itself is a seemingly simple one – a boy who must escape a mysterious island and a terrible curse. It’s not much to go on and so we’re cautiously excited about this one, but excited to play it nonetheless.

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