Our Most Anticipated Indie Games of 2016 Part II

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Early in the month, we took a look at some of the best indie games being released this year. Attempting to create a ‘shortlist’ failed, so here’s a bunch more.


Platforms: Windows, Mac, and Linux

Release Date: TBC

A centuries-old abandoned estate haunts Cassie’s dreams. An angry presence roams it’s halls waiting for you, waiting to hunt you down. Perception puts you in Cassie’s shoes as she heads to the old mansion to uncover it’s mysteries. The twist? Cassie is blind. The game encourages you to ‘tap’ as you move around the level, tapping is Cassie’s way of ‘feeling’ the world around her, it helps to uncover items of interest. But, of course, that’s not all. Tapping also brings a danger to it, that presence roaming the halls? It’s attracted by the noises you make.

Perception puts me in the mind of Gone Home – it’s a narrative-driven ghost story in which you must uncover the secrets of the haunted estate. It’s being developed by people who have worked on games such as Bioshock, Bioshock Infinite, and Dead Space.

We Happy Few

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, and Xbox One

Release Date: TBC

Wellington Wells is a creepy, 1960s, drug-fuelled, dystopian British village. Like most British villages, it’s sinister and it’s creepy. We Happy Few is kind of like 1984. But creepier. The citizens of Wellington Wells like to smile and laugh and do what they’re told. Such as taking their ‘Joy’. Joy makes you forget all the bad shit that ever happened to you. These guys also don’t take kindly to ‘Downers’ – they’re a bit violent, you see. Your job is basically, just to escape.

You’re going to die, a lot. And when you do, Wellington Wells will be regenerated. Every time you play, you’re exploring a town. Compulsion Games have crafted an expertly-executed atmosphere, escape is going to be intense.


Platforms: Windows and PS4

Release Date: TBC

There are two major reasons that Abzu has got us all excited. First, what came before it. At 10lb Gamer, we adore Journey – it’s Lead Artist, Matt Nava is the mind behind Abzu. Comparisons are unavoidable, that wondrous sense of exploration and beauty from Journey can also be seen in Abzu’s art style. Secondly, it’s set underwater and we’re absolutely fascinated by the ocean. Combing the two, and we’re stupidly excited to explore the unknown.

Children of Morta

Platforms: Windows, Mac, Linux, PS4, Vita, and Wii U (count Xbox One in as well, if it reaches it’s next stretch goal)

Release Date: TBC

The Bergsons have been guarding Mount Morta for many generations, overseeing peace, until one day, evil spreads over of their beautiful mountain and lands. Children of Morta is a hack ‘n slash game incorporating the elements of the rougelike genre. You’ll go on an adventure with the entire family as they seek to rid their lands of this newfound evil.

Blending old school 2D pixel art with modern lighting and rendering techniques, Children of Morta looks drop-dead gorgeous. Add some insanely detailed sprite animation in to the mix and, well, let’s just say we caught our very own Ben, with drool all over himself whilst watching the trailer.


Platforms: Windows, Mac, and Linux

Release Date: TBC

Pinstripe is an adventure, platformer, and puzzle game where you play a man who is searching for his dead wife, in Hell. We know, it’s about as cheerful as games come. It’s the next game by Thomas Brush who created Coma and Skinny. Like many of the games we’ve featured so far, it has a gorgeous art style and the soundtrack – if the trailer is anything to go by – is absolutely wonderful.


Platforms: Windows

Release Date: TBC

We need to tell you something before we discuss Owlboy. We’ve been excited for it for a long time. A very long time. It’s been in development since 2008, it may never come out. But you know what? We’ll be putting it on this list every year until it does.

If nothing else, this should hit the spot for nostalgia-loving gamers with a soft spot for either the Amiga or those wonderful years of the NES. It features a lovingly-animated 2D pixel-art style and the soundtrack is just terrific. Owlboy is a platformer in which you play as Otus, among the last of the Owls. Otus’ village comes under attack and so he sets out on a mission to rescue it when he discovers a much graver plot. Okay, so it’s RPG-style clichéd. We’re not bothered and we want it now.


Platforms: Windows, Oculus

Release Date: TBC

By now, you should know that we love 2D art, that we love the ocean, that we love indie games. We also love space.

Let’s get the cliché out of the way, you start Adr1ft with no memory. Okay? Good. Let’s move on. So you have no memory, and you’re floating in space. And your EVA suit is severely damaged. It’s almost like this game was made just for us. There’s not much to know beyond that, the game will see you fighting to stay alive by exploring the wreckage for precious resources that can help you survive. If that concept wasn’t enough – it’s also being released for Oculus Rift.


Platforms: Windows, Mac, and Linux

Release Date: TBC

Seriously though, we’re loving this 2D pixel-art resurrection. Chasm is a procedurally generated Action RPG/Platformer which takes heavy inspiration from hack ‘n slash dungeon crawlers and Metroidvania-style platformers. You take the role of a soldier passing through a mining town, the town’s miners recently vanished after breaching an ancient temple far below the town. They also managed to reawaken an ancient, slumbering evil. Trapped by supernatural forces, you’re forced to explore the mines if you’re to have any hope of escaping and returning home.

Tokyo Dark

Platforms: Windows and Mac

Release Date: TBC

There is an urban legend in Japan. Deep below the sewers of Tokyo, there is a door. All who enter are lost forever.

That right there is enough to entice us before we’ve even seen a trailer. You play as Detective Itō whose partner is missing but what starts out as a straightforward case, quickly spirals into a twister nightmare in which Itō will be forced to confront her past and question her own sanity.

Tokyo Dark is a point and click adventure game where you’ll explore Tokyo – following leads, collecting clues, and making difficult decisions. There’s branching dialogue system which will effect the outcome of the story.

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